How To Create Mobile Subdomain for Mobile Domain

If you are using wordpress Mobile Domain plugin, you need to create subdomain first.

Login to your cpanel

Click subdomain

Read this section carefully

Type your subdomain, that will be your mobile subdomain, then point the document root into the “public_html”, public_html is your wordpress installation folder, if you point it to “public_html/m” or “public_html/mobile”, the plugin will not work.

Or if your wordpress address is in the directory “blog”, such as “” then the document root should be like this “public_html/blog” and not like this “public_html/blog/m” or this “public_html/blog/mobile”

Click create.

After you have created a subdomain, login to your wordpress blog. Activate the Mobile Domain plugin then go to the Mobile Domain page setting.

Type your mobile subdomain name, select the theme, click save changes.


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